There was already a myth circulating that everyone now turns solely to an electronic device for information, education, entertainment and leisure. Including to carry out research for buying decisions.

Post-pandemic, will people be even more glued to the digital word? Surely ebooks and electronic guides are taking over from print?

The demise of many physical newspapers and periodicals seems to back this up. However, just how true is it?

Print is far from dead

One of the most important statistics to keep in mind is that the sales figures for physical books are healthy! In fact, the growth in sales in 2019 was the fourth consecutive year that book printing was on an upwards trajectory.

(source: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2019/jan/03/leading-the-entertainment-pack-uk-print-book-sales-rise-again)

Meanwhile, ebook sales seem pretty static, while audiobooks are growing in popularity.

Here’s another statistic that shows printing and binding materials still matters. Research shows that 44% of people who read through a magazine, will then carry out a positive action based on its news, recommendations and information.

(source: https://business.linkedin.com/marketing-solutions/blog/linkedin-news/2019/is-print-dead–not-so-fast)

There is also strong evidence that business materials, including magazines, boost customer loyalty still.

Why print is still welcomed

Despite the prolific nature of contemporary gadgets and gizmos – or possibly because they seem to be taking over modern life – people still love to hold and use printed materials.

There is a simplicity in their function and purpose that makes them reassuring, You can take a book from the shelf, or select a brochure to browse, to immerse yourself in its Contents without distractions.

Sitting with a child sharing the words and pictures on a printed page is still a parenting joy. Being able to tuck information in our handbag, under our arm or in a pocket – to read outdoors, in a cafe or waiting in a foyer for example – is one of the great pleasures in life.

Reassuring, easily portable, timeless and universally welcome, putting things in print is still clearly commercial common sense.

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