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Isn’t Social Media Just Cats, Selfies & Food Pics?

You’re right there is quite a lot of that but there’s more to social media. We all use social media to connect with friends, family members and colleagues. While we’re having a peek at what Uncle Tom been up to, or where our old school friend is on holiday, many of us find, engage with and learn more about businesses, brands, groups and communities that interest us.

Posts that make us smile, laugh, think or cry, grab our attention and stay in our memories. We’ll rightly ignore businesses and brands that don’t put the effort in. Those that get the message wrong and become intruders on our scrolling bliss. Get it right and the sky’s the limit. Be genuine, be authentic, be fun to interact with and over time you’ll build engagement with your prospects.

For most organisations and businesses having a social media presence is one of those things you feel you have to do rather than want to do. For many businesses as they don’t see an instant return it probably does not get the time, effort and resource it deserves. It ends up being ineffective, badly managed and your audience gets turned off.

Is your social media too pushy, too friendly, overly salesy or, even worse, just plain boring.

We here to help. Our expert team want to understand your goals, build your social media identity. Create a presence that fits your brand and tone of voice. But crucially, one that engages its audience.


Social Media Isn’t Just a Fun Past Time

For many businesses, social media has become an important way that they communicate with their customers. Many potential new customers often start conversation, research businesses or ask questions  via social media. If what they see on your various social platforms isn’t up to scratch, it can be as damaging as having a poor website or a bad perm.

When done right, platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter offer a brilliant opportunities to engage with your audience and generate potential leads. These platforms can start new conversations or reinforce your brand identity or USPs. The growing use of video content, as well as engaging visuals, is a powerful way to reach your market.

Social media accounts work best when they are regularly maintained, kept updated and fresh. Posting consistently keeps your brand current and at the top of your audience’s timelines. Our team of experts are here to build and maintain your social presence. To create content that connect with followers and helps engage a new audience. We’ll creating posts on your behalf with engaging, entertaining and thought-provoking content. It’s all about grabbing your audience’s attention and leaving a lasting impression.

Packages start from €215 ex vat per month. Download our social media brochure for details or book your free consultation


Social Media isn’t just about conversation and content

Social media advertising has exploded over recent years. It’s now a tried and trusted, well-established method of winning new customers, remarketing and engaging with your existing audience. Like many other forms of digital marketing, it leverages data to allow your adverts to be incredibly specific when targeting a particular audience group or demographic.

When organisations or businesses first start, typically their social media platforms have a very low number of followers. Because of this, the relative impact of their social media activity is low. Social media advertising campaigns can quickly amplify your organic content, as it is delivered to a new untapped audience. By utilising social network’s collected data, and the fantastic tools they provide, we can target specific audiences suited to your offering.

Social media adverts are the perfect medium to launch new products and services, run competitions, start conversations or to drive traffic to your website. Social media campaigns can be used to reinforce your core business messaging that is also shared on your organic posts.

Social media advertising also has the tremendous benefits of delivery rich analytic data that allows you to test, tweak and improve your online advertising. Download our social media brochure for details or book your free consultation 


Pop The Kettle One & Have a Read

Interested? Intrigued? Why not take five minutes to read our social media brochure. Our guide explains in a little more details how our social media solution works and the different packages we offer.

Not sure what’s best for your business? Do you what to chat through some options? That’s perfect… we love chatting. Simply book your free consultation. We’ll review your existing social media, discuss your goals and walk you through how we can help. There’s no heavy sales, no obligation, just honest, transparent advice. We can set up your free consultation in person, online or over the phone.


So what happens if I started a social media package?      Great questions…  Once we’ve agreed which package suits your business best we can get you signed up and started. We build your campaign by following the steps below.


We start by learning about your business. What you do and what makes your business unique. We’ll discuss your social media goals


We’ll build your audience profile by reviewing the people you already interact with and the type of audience you want to develop


We’ll agree the business’ ‘tone of voice’ and design your visual style. All posts, ads and content should feel authentic


Once we learn about your business, goals and audience, we’ll recommend the best social media platforms to focus on


Our expert social team map out week-by-week content plans. Once reviewed and approve, we’re ready to start engaging


Our team continually monitor your campaign & we’ll connect you to our online reporting dashboard to view live reports in realtime


Arrange Your Free Consultation

Interested?  We‘d love to chat you through your option and discuss your social media goals. Why not arrange a free consultation today. We’re a friendly team and love nothing more than helping business do more online. We can chat in person at our Athlone city centre location or maybe pop out for a coffee.

Alternatively, we can set up an online meeting, phone call or talk via email. Whatever suits you best, it’s just about starting a conversation. And don’t worry, if you’re in your ‘jammies’ for any video calls, we won’t judge.

We look forward to talking to you soon.




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