Looking to set yourself apart at trade shows and exhibitions? Your business signage is often the first thing people see, so you’ll want that all-important first impression to be effective at communicating your brand identity. At Athlone Printing, we have an array of sign printing services and mediums for any occasion.

After all, business signage doesn’t need to be limited to the sign above your shop, restaurant, or other physical location. What about when you’re on the go? Signage can even be a dynamic part of your furniture!

Read on for some inspiration on creating innovative business signs to help expand your brand’s reach across Ireland.


PVC outdoor banners

When it comes to outdoor advertising, PVC banners are a perfect choice. Designed to withstand the elements, PVC banners offer a durable and cost-effective solution for promoting your brand outdoors.

Whether it’s for grand openings, seasonal promotions, or event signage, these long-lasting banners provide high visibility and vivid impact. Their weather-resistant properties ensure they maintain their vibrant colours and crisp graphics, making them an ideal choice for businesses seeking to make a lasting impression in outdoor environments.


Fabric exhibition solutions and pull-up banners

Travelling to trade shows means you need lightweight signage without compromising on visibility or size. Fabric solutions offer a versatile and professional way to showcase your brand.

Fabric banners and displays provide a sleek and modern aesthetic, enhancing the visual appeal of your booth or display area. Plus, their portable nature makes them easy to transport and set up — ideal for saving valuable time and effort at your event or exhibition.

Another great option is pull-up banners. These are a staple in the world of promotional displays, offering businesses a convenient and portable solution for showcasing their brand. These retractable banners are quick and easy to set up, making them ideal for a variety of indoor settings such as retail stores, trade shows, and corporate events.

Both of these lightweight and easily transported options offer excellent print quality, ensuring your graphics and messaging are displayed with clarity and impact.


Branded furniture

A static piece of branded merchandise can provide an impactful brand identity. Whether it’s for office spaces, retail environments, or event settings, branded furniture offers a unique opportunity to reinforce your brand identity in a tangible way.

Incorporating your logo and colours into furniture pieces enhances brand recognition and creates a cohesive and memorable experience for customers and clients. With durable materials and practical use, branded furniture not only promotes your brand but also adds purpose to your branded merchandise.


Digital and lithographic posters

Do you need that all-important branded merchandise in a hurry? Digital printing offers versatility and speed, allowing for quick turnaround times and customisation options tailored to specific marketing campaigns.

For those who want a mix of the practical and the creative, lithographic printing ensures high-quality results with vibrant colours and crisp details, ideal for larger-scale productions. Whether it’s for promotions, events, or brand awareness, digital and lithographic posters provide businesses with powerful visual assets to engage their target audience both indoors and outdoors.


Quality business and exhibition signage from Athlone Printing

At Athlone Printing, we know there is a need for signage from convention centres to rural trade shows. That’s why we offer an array of options for your sign printing needs. So whether you’re in search of posters and displays or after eye-catching exhibition solutions, get in touch with the friendly Athlone team, and let us get you noticed wherever you’re pitching your brand.