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Many businesses, as part of their marketing collateral, use promotional products. They are surprisingly versatile and as there are so many options to choose from you’ll always find the perfect product to suit your business, brand or customers’ needs.

Promotional products can be used to brand your business, employees or members. Use them to increase sales or customer interactions. Reward top customers or your best performing staff. Grow brand recognition or give them as part of a community initiative. Use them at events to help potential clients remember you or give them away at networking events and see the smiles in the room.

There are just so many ways in which you can use promotional products and giveaway gifts to benefit your business. We have over 10,000 different options available and have built them all into a handy online catalogue for you to browse. All of our products can of course be branded. This is surely the point. To help get your branding, contact info or website address into potential customers’ hands.

This page is packed full of ideas and advice on how you can use promotional products and giveaways to help with your brand awareness your business. We also have a team of experts on hand, to give you ideas, help select the perfect product or to answer any questions you have.

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Customer Giveaways

We all love freebies. Those great product giveaways. Go on admit it, we know you’ve done it. We’ve all walked past those free sample stations a few too many times. Picked up maybe more than one ‘new flavour’ of that drink you like. Pretended to be interested in buying those expensive coffee capsules from that high end shop so you can have a cheeky free espresso every morning… ok maybe that ones just us!

People are drawn to free things. The thrill of not having to pay for something of value that you get to keep. Imagine the crowd you could draw handing out free branded products on a busy Saturday in town. What sort of exposure would this give your business.

We offer a huge range of high volume, low cost promotional products and giveaway items. Use these to win new business, grow brand recognition or as an incentive to increase client spend. ‘Buy product x today and receive a free item’. ‘Spend over €50 and receive a free gift’. We’ve got lots of ideas on how to grow your business. Why not book in for a free consultation today.

Trade Shows & Events

We’ve probably all been to events or trade shows. Hundreds of stands, lots of smiling sales people waiting to promote their services. But once you get home, rested your weary feet, which businesses do you remember?

There are lots of ways to stand out at events and trade shows. Make sure you stand looks epic, your printed information is on-brand, up-to-date and engaging. Your show team look brilliant with branded workwear. You capture sales leads through sign-up or competitions and you give potential clients something which they are likely to keep. We can help with all of these elements, just get in touch.

One of the ways you can ensure visitors will remember your brand is to hand out fun giveaways or promotional products people are likely to keep. There are so many options from keyrings to pens, USB’s to frisbees, water bottles to games. Some branded bags to carry then all in from stand to stand. Why not invest in something cool and share the love with people you meet.

Business & Staff Branding

They say you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. While no successful business have been built on first impression alone, we all love looking the part and feeling professional. Building your brand starts with you, through your business environment, your staff and your fleet of vehicles.

Imagine turning up for that important meeting with your branded laptop bag, your branded note book and your branded pen. Maybe you’re wearing a branded uniform, branded jacket or even just a branded pin on your best business suit. Weather you’re there in person or on zoom.

Branding elements within the work environment not only help build a successful trusted brand it encourages team morale within your staff. There are hundreds of ways to promote your brand through promotional products, so why not speak to one of our team today.

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Clubs & Societies

Why do people join clubs and societies? Well there are probably a number of individual reasons but what unites everyone is a shared love, enjoyment or goal which is fulfilled through the activity. We join a sports team because we enjoy that sport. We sign-up for book club because we find reading rewarding. We join an amateur photography club because we adore taking photos.

For those of you that run clubs, teams, societies or any business in which you have members, you can use branded promotional items and clothing to advertise your business and create a sense of identity and comradery . From tracksuits for teams to branded notebooks for clubs and everything in between we’re here to help

Once you have a stock of branded items you can either give them away, include a pack of products when new members sign up or sell them to existing members as a new revenue stream. The possibilities are endless.


Browse Online

We have a dedicated promotional products & giveaways website where you can browse thousands of options. Grab a coffee. Have a nose through and pick out something you love.



Once you have picked a few options speak to our team. We’ll help select the best solution, provide a final quote and answer any questions you might have about our range.



Before finalising your order we’ll mock-up a proof using your branding, so that you can see what your final product will look like. Once approved your order will be manufactured.

Great Success

Your order is manufactured in one of our state-of-the-art factories using the latest technology so that it’s perfect. We know you’ll love it & so will your customers and staff.

Need Some Help?

Choice is great, but too much choice can be overwhelming. We know that our online catalogue is extensive. Over 10,000 different options to pick from. Maybe too many options when it comes to selecting that perfect promotional product. That is why we are here, at your service, to assist. We’ve got lots of experience helping customers pick the perfect promo item or gorgeous giveaway.

Let our team of consultants help you find the right product at the right budget to match your marketing goals. And if your still not sure if the item you’ve selected is right, why not avail of our discounted samples ordering service. You can order one unbranded sample of your chosen product at 35% off the normal price. Speak to one of our team today and we can talk you through the process.

At Athlone Printing we also offer a huge range of high quality, executive and corporate gifts. Ideal if you’re really looking to spoil an employee for reaching a milestone, wowing a new customer or rewarding a loyal client for years of business. Click the link below for our Corporate Gift page, or fill in the contact form and one of our team will be in touch.

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