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Businesses typically invest lots of money on winning new customers. This makes sense, but you might be amazed at how little is spent on retaining customers. Customers are the life blood of all businesses. So showing them how much they mean to you is important. We all know the frustration of those peaky ‘new customers’ that get all the best deals and incentives to welcome them. While those loyal customers maybe don’t get the same level of love. Reminding each and every customer how important they are to you makes sense.

There are lots of ways to do this… special offers for long term clients, feature them in your marketing and promote their business, drop them a call to check in on them, give them a hug or send them a little surprise gift to remind them you are there and how much you love them.

At Athlone Printing we offer an incredible range of corporate gifts. From entry level items to show everyone you love them to those amazing corporate gifts for your top clients which they will keep and use. The range is huge, so our team of consultants are here to help you pick the perfect gift for your beautiful customers. Go on spread the love and remind your customers you are there for them.

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Office & Stationery Gifts

Branded gifts that your clients will love, use and keep

Who doesn’t love getting a surprise gift. We’re not talking about those odd scarfs from Auntie Jean each Christmas. Something they actually like, will keep and use. Pick something that you would want and brand it to suit your business. Gifts are not just for Christmas. What about marking a work anniversary, rewarding your staff for years of service or thanking a customer for a recent order. Gift giving should be something we do all year round.

Our office range includes a huge selections of pens and stationery, diaries, notepads, laptop skins and bags, sticky notes, memory sticks, tablet pens and much more. Each item can come with or without branding, but brand it baby! Help your customers remember who their great gift is from. Why not share the love and reward your best customers with a gift that they will actually use and keep.

We’ve lots of solutions so speak to one of the team today.

Lifestyle Gifts

Branded lifestyle gifts are brilliant. Pick the right gift for your customers and they will keep them forever. We still have our Google umbrella and Canterbury hip flask and use them all the time… maybe not the hip flask as much! Pick a gift that fits with your customers’ lifestyle and they’ll remember you for ever.

Lifestyle gifts also have the added advantage of promoting your brand anywhere a customer goes. Let your brand travel with them to the gym, keep the rain off them while out shopping or in the park with their family. Anywhere your gift goes your brand goes too.

Our range includes a huge selection of water bottles, thermos flasks, cups, travel solutions, games, umbrellas, rugs, torches, car accessories and much more. Please feel free to browse through our online catalogue, CLICK HERE, pick something you love and speak to one of our consultants about the branding options available to you.

Lifestyle Giveaways

Digital & Technology Gifts

We live in a world jam packed with technology. From wireless chargers, to smart watches and cordless headphones. It’s everywhere. Who doesn’t love a gadget? We stock a huge range of digital and technological corporate gifts which can be branded to suit your business. You might also be surprised at how affordable these gifts are. Why not ask one of our team for ideas today?

Our range include Bluetooth speakers, desk lamps, power banks, chargers, watches, headphones and much more. Go on spoil your top performing employees, your highest spending customers or mark special landmarks with beautifully branded tech gifts. 

Networking & Event

Corporate and promotional gifts are perfect for events, exhibitions, trade shows and networking. Giving away branded gifts help spread your brand, reminds potential clients of your services or products and is a lovely way to share the love. Whenever we attend these events, we love the look on people’s faces when we give them an unexpected gift.

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses prepare for events and exhibitions. From design your stand with eye-catching, attention-grabbing backdrops to designing the perfect client-focused brochure or sales literature. We can build event specific online forms and web pages to capture those critical leads. We also have a suite of online and offline follow-up marketing solutions tailored to help win business. Below are our four top tips to ensuring that everything goes smoothly.

Corporate gifts and giveaways are not just ideal for events or exhibitions, they can be used to help you find new clients anywhere. Ask yourself, where might your perfect customers congregate, or what similar interests might they have. For example, looking to grow your afterschool club? Then maybe hand out some goodies at the school gate. Looking to gain more professional clients? Hand out a few treats at your next networking event and ask people to pass them onto a business they know. Looking to grow your new coffee shop or restaurant? Why not give away some branded travel mugs outside a local supermarket. The options are endless.

Network and Event

Plan Early & Get Event Ready

Great you’ve booked in for an event, don’t stop let’s get everything ready early. We’re contacted all the time with last minute orders for events. Avoid those last minute panics and get everything you need together a month before the event.


Brand Everything

The goal is to be the best looking stand at an event. Create that wow factor. Bin those old school tired banners. Design a stand that makes the best of your space and shows off your business. Brand everything and be beautiful. We have lots of experience in designing show stands and lots of cutting edge products to help.


Order Your Customer Takeaways

Your at the event & looking epic. But what will your customers take away? Events are busy and packed full of suppliers. You might not have time to speak to every potential client. So designing something which your customers can take away and read at home is essential. New brochure or sale leaflet. Branded gifts for them to remember your brand. Business cards for all your sales team. Make sure you have some customer takeaways.


Ask An Expert

As a business we go to hundreds of events every year, both regionally and nationally. We have lots of experience designing not just your stand but all of the support material you need to nail that event. Speak to one of our experts and we can help build the perfect exhibition solution for every event.


Browse Online

We have a dedicated promotional & corporate gift website where you can browse thousands of options. Grab a coffee. Have a nose through and pick out something you love.



Once you have picked a few options speak to our team. We’ll help select the best solution, provide a final quote and answer any questions you might have about our gift service.



Before finalising your order we’ll mock-up a proof using your branding, so that you can see what your final product will look like. Once approved your order will be manufactured.

Great Success

Your order is manufactured in one of our state-of-the-art factories using the latest technology so that it’s perfect every time. You’ll love it & so will your customers or employees.

Need Some Advice?

We’ve got lots of experience helping customers pick the right gift for every occasion. From celebrating work anniversaries to surprising key customers or being ready for trade shows and events. We’re here to help. To answer any questions you might have. To help brand your gifts. To help you look epic at your next event.

If you’re unsure that you’ll love the corporate gift you picked, why not avail of our discounted samples ordering service. You can order one unbranded sample of your chosen product at 35% off the normal price. Speak to one of our team today and we can talk you through the process.

At Athlone Printing we also offer a huge range of high volume, low priced promotional giveaways, if your looking to order in bulk. Click the link below to our dedicated page or speak to one of our experts today.

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