When planning your wedding you need to think about wedding stationery. This includes wedding invitation cards, thank you cards, place names and bunting. Read our quick guide to the best wedding stationery.

Remember while it is possibly the last item you plan, it is the first contact your guests have with the wedding so it sets the tone.

Are you busy planning your special day? If so, then one huge consideration is that of choosing wedding stationery. Your choice of stationery can help you to organise your day, while the right wedding stationery can help you cherish those memories for years to come. Below we share our quick guide on the very best wedding invitations and stationery that you need for your wedding day.

Wedding invitation cards

You’ll need to send your guests wedding invitation cards, but what you send is up to you. Choose an image that represents you as a couple. Add a favourite quote, a photograph, or even a doodle. It’s important that when thinking about wedding stationery that you include RSVP cards. Once again, you can personalise them any way you like.

Table plans, names or numbers

The smooth running of any wedding day depends upon meticulous planning and organisation. This is why you will need a table plan, place names or numbers during the wedding breakfast, So why not make a feature of them? The table plan could reflect your choice of wedding colours or it could incorporate favourite images or photographs, places you have been together, favourite films, album covers, the list is endless.

Wedding bunting

Paper bunting is the perfect addition to any wedding. It can be made in any colour, any shape and can be placed anywhere, both inside and outside. Drape bunting from trees, hang from the ceiling and use it to decorate your wedding reception. Hearts, flowers and photographs of the happy couple will look beautiful.

On-the-day items

The planning isn’t over once the invites are sent out. You’ll need directional signs to make sure your guests have no trouble finding where they’re going. Now that they’ve found their way to the celebration, they’ll want to document it. Selfie frames are a great way to encourage memories of the day, as well as create a photograph that serves as a little souvenir of the occasion.

Personalised keepsakes

Finally, make sure that you have a keepsake of your day. Signature frames enable your guests to sign their name on a print of your choosing, while fingerprint trees are an alternative to your guests writing a message. As the name suggests, guests add their fingerprint and sign their name.

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