If you’ve recently received a canvas print from us, you’re probably raring to hang it on your wall. But the question is — what’s the best way to do it? How do you hang a canvas?

If you’re doing a bit of research into the ideal way to hang your canvas print, we’re here to help. Here’s our guide to hanging your printed canvas. Read on to have your beautiful artwork up on your wall in no time!

Follow these steps

A well-hung canvas is parallel to the floor, fits around your other furniture, and is attached to the wall with suitable fixtures. To make your canvas look the best it can use this guide checklist…

Mark the wall

Grab a pencil and draw a light mark on your wall where you’d like your canvas to sit. If you’re using just one hook, you’ll only need one mark. If you want to use two hooks, it will be more difficult to draw them perfectly aligned — which is crucial for a straight print. Stick to using one hook if possible, especially when hanging a smaller canvas that can be easily supported with just one.

Marking the wall allows you to step back and look at your wall from a distance, visualising where the canvas will be. This makes it easy to change positioning before a nail or hook is in the wall. This protects your wall from unnecessary holes.

Grab your hammer

Once you’re happy with the positioning of your pencil mark, hammer your hook into the wall. Make sure it’s a sturdy one to support the weight!

Add a bracket to your canvas

While you might be able to hang your canvas by resting it on the hook so it catches the wooden frame, it’s a good idea to add a bracket. Brackets make hanging your canvas on a hook that bit easier. Plus, they keep your canvas frame free from hook dents and prevent accidental canvas rips.

Purchase a few online or at your local hardware shop. They’re easy to screw into the frame. Just ensure you position them in the middle of the length of the frame using a ruler.

Hang your canvas and admire your photo!

You can now hang your image on your wall — it’s as easy as that. If your canvas comes with strengthening canvas wedges, make sure you add them to the corners before mounting. Having trouble getting it straight? Use a spirit level to guide your positioning.

Canvas Printing With Athlone

Are you looking to turn your favourite photos into stunning printed canvases? We can help. Simply visit our website to upload your photos and we’ll handle the rest. We’ll print your photos on high-quality canvas using Epson inks, which we’ve tried and tested for UV and fade resistance. To complete the process, your printed canvas will be hand-stretched around a wooden frame by a skilled member of our finishing team.

A photo canvas is a unique and personal way to decorate your home office, living space or hallway. Take a look at our range of sizes and choose a canvas that’s the perfect fit for your space.

Plus, if you’re looking for a personalised gift for a loved one, why not create a piece of artwork with your favourite photo together? If you can’t decide on just one photo, you can even create a collage. Nothing says you care like a display of your happiest memories.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to give us a call. A member of our team will be more than happy to chat through your requirements and advise you on your purchase.