The General Data Protection Regulation was put into effect on May 25, 2018. It is a legal regulation issued by the Council of the European Union and The European Parliament to protect the personal data of EU citizens. With the GDPR in place, the value of flyers and print mail will see significant growth, benefiting printing services and other businesses. Here are some benefits of using flyers and print mail in the post-GDPR world.

More personal

Email marketing has been used by many businesses to reach and communicate with prospective and existing clients. It is produced and distributed digitally, making it an inexpensive marketing tool. However, despite being a cost-effective method for communication, it doesn’t have the level of personalisation and value provided by print materials.

Flyers and print mail have a greater potential for personalisation. They are often addressed to a specific individual, making them more personal as compared to untargeted email. Businesses can add their branding or messaging to it to make it more professional and authentic, something that is not as effective on email.

Connects with customers better

Some people routinely clear their inbox without even checking the content of the email they’ve received. As such, relevant information from companies could be overlooked and deleted. Using flyers and print mail lets businesses connect with customers better. Unlike email, print mail allows you to have the customer’s undivided attention as they are guaranteed to see it and read it.

Credibility and quality

For consumers, it is much safer to receive flyers and print mail than emails as there are no links to click, no forms to fill in and no viruses to worry about. You can also see immediately where the letter came from and, if it’s important, a return address will be provided as well. Lastly, flyers and response forms in print can generate important new leads for your business.

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