For many years, business cards have played a pivotal role in forming strong network connections for both businesses and professionals.

Even today, in the Internet era, where it is almost effortless to reach out to potential clients, business cards remain a valuable and tangible networking and communication tool. It is also an effective strategy to leave a great first impression and a convenient way to encourage brand recall in your own professional circle. That being said, getting brilliant printing services to design and produce your business cards should be one of your top priorities.

In Ireland, the standard size of a business card is 85mm x 55mm (same size as your credit or debit card). That is not much space, which means you have to put great thought not only into the layout and design of your business card but most importantly, on the information you want to be printed on it.

There are key components that every effective business card must have.

Business card holder’s information

• First name and last name
• Job title

Basic contact information

• Corporate email address
• Business phone numbers
• Social media profiles – The logo of the social networking site with your profile name.

About the company

• Business name
• Tagline
• Logo – If you are an individual professional, this could be replaced by an image that gives people an idea about your job. For instance, flowers if you are a florist.
• Website – Keep it short and simple
• Company address – Some even use the backside for the location map.

Business Card Pro Tip

While there is nothing wrong with playing with colours and typography, you have to keep in mind that your business card should still look professional, legible and coherent to your brand identity. Allow plenty of white space to keep it sleek.

Hire professional print and design services

Athlone Printing offers high-quality printing, design and binding services. Our stationery printing services include full-colour business cards in various finishes and design templates. Order your first business card or other types of printing needs online and get them delivered to your doorstep. For detailed enquiries or design questions, please call (090) 6477054.