Finding the right Christmas present can be a challenge, so why not opt for something personal and professional? Canvas prints do exactly that. Whether you have an artistic friend, a pal who owns their own business, or just want a memorable gift to give to a loved one, we’ll help you to create the perfect canvas.

Here are a few reasons why canvas prints make ideal Christmas presents!


Canvases carry a lot of artistic charm, whether that be for your own artwork or for a loved one who is passionate about art culture. Canvases can own a room with their decorative and tasteful appeal.


There is so much you can do with canvases and from our small-scale sizes to large format canvas printing and extra large canvas photo prints you can find canvases to cherish in all sizes. Whether your lucky canvas recipient is going to be hanging their print in the office or on an expansive living room wall, having a variety means you can shop for different needs,


At Athlone Printing, you have free rein with the design process. This means you can unleash your creativity or make your canvas personalised to include sentimental photographs.


Canvases are a timeless present; they are not something that your friend will put aside within a matter of days. If you are looking for a gift guaranteed to be adored for years to come, canvases are certainly a way to go.

Where to start

At Athlone Printing, we can deliver high quality canvas prints to suit your needs. We can also help with anything from wedding invitation cards to large poster printing.

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