When you’ve come to the end of writing your thesis, you might think all the hard work is over. Then you realise you have no idea which binding option you should go for. If your university has no preference, then it’s down to you to make a decision that suits you best.

Comb binding

If you’re on a budget and considering your dissertation binding cost carefully, then this is the best option for you. Simple and straight to the point, all the focus will be on your work. However, if you’re planning to use your thesis in the future for presentations or conferences, you may find this binding won’t hold up as well as others. If you’re an undergraduate and this is your first dissertation, it may well be the most suitable.

Wire binding

A slight step up from comb binding, this option is slightly sturdier but still a cheap option. Bound in a similar way to many notebooks, it’s easy to turn pages and have them lie open, so if you’ll need to use your thesis to refer to in future, it’s not a bad option. If you or an examiner will be turning the pages alot then there will be the possibility the paper will begin to tear

Coil binding

Coil binding would be a more reliable kind of binding. A continuous coil is used and it means page turning is more smooth. This is ideal if your examiner will be marking your work. It means it is easier to lie open and write on. It looks more impressive too!

Thermal (soft) binding

For a sleek, elegant thesis binding option, choose thermal. It really allows you to take pride in the work you’ve done by securing those all-important pages with a hard-wearing spine. Although coil binding may seem more practical, thermal binding really sets your dissertation apart from all those other essays you wrote.

Hard binding

Planning to publish your masterpiece? Proudly display your work amongst other books on your shelf by turning your thesis into this wonderfully bound masterpiece. A selection of cover colours are available. Complete with lettering in gold or silver foil, you’ll truly feel the weight of your achievements. What’s more, your thesis will last a lifetime and is unlikely to come loose. However, this option is often only suited to a thesis of a suitable length. If your dissertation is for an undergraduate degree, another binding option might be for you.

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