Planning the perfect wedding is all about organization and having that detailed plan in place at least one year before the big day. Keep on reading as we share our quick guide on planning your wedding, from the invites to the seating plan.

Wedding invites

One of the very first things you need to do once you have set the date is to send out your wedding invitation cards. Choose wedding stationery that reflects your wedding theme and both of your personalities. The invites that you choose will set the tone for the rest of your big day, so make sure you get it right from the start and choose the best wedding invitations that you can. (INSERT LINK)

The gown

You also need to choose your wedding gown pretty early on, as it may take time to do any alterations and to then choose your bridesmaid dresses. Your groom may also need to know your colour choices so that he can use the same colours in a tie or waistcoat.

Wedding transport

This may seem like something that can be one of the last tasks to do, but it is important to book any wedding transport as soon as you have a date. This is because wedding transport is in high demand and you don’t want to miss out.

Bunting and decorations

This is a fun part of the wedding planning process. Think of where needs to be decorated, such as the church, garden, or evening venue. Get your friends to make bunting and have fun.

The food

This is another task that you need to look at early on, especially if using professional caterers. Think about if you want a wedding breakfast or a more informal affair, as this will dictate what type of food you will need.

Seating plan

The seating plan is a task that needs to be completed when you have received the RSVPs to all wedding invites. The seating plan will take time. Additionally, you can get professional seating plans printed for the big day in a variety of designs. If you are searching for the best wedding invitations then please do browse our website, as we offer a beautiful wedding stationery package to get your big day off to the perfect start. Have fun planning your perfect wedding day!