Many brides-to-be, grooms-to-be and wedding planners are guilty of underestimating just how important wedding invitations and wedding stationery are. Wedding invitations can do so much more than just let guests know the date and time of the wedding and they can have a real impact on how successful a wedding is. Even though a wedding invitation is sent out early in the planning phase of the wedding, it is the first contact your guests will have with your wedding and so can set the style and tone of the big day! Below we take a look at how wedding invitations can impact a wedding…

1. Ensure you are prepared for anything

On wedding invitation cards, meal options are often included for guests. You should ensure meal options are available, plus a separate section for information about dietary requirements, to ensure on the day of the wedding everyone is catered for. Without this information, the newly-wed couple or event planner may be overwhelmed with dietary information on the day of the wedding and some guests may not be able to eat the arranged food.

2. Get your guests up and dancing

Many brides and grooms fear that no one will dance at their wedding reception. One way to combat this fear is to include a section on the RSVP card that asks guests to fill in song requests. This will ensure that guests will dance at the reception, as the bride and groom can create a playlist full of their guests’ favourite songs.

3. Less organisation needed

The best wedding invitations in today’s modern world often include a link to a website or social media page dedicated to the wedding. Guests will then be able to access the website and discuss with one another carpool or taxi-sharing matters, rather than having to contact the event planner or bride and groom over every tiny detail. This ensures the bride and groom can focus on more important tasks and all guests feel confident about the day’s schedule.

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