One of the oldest forms of marketing a brand is through poster advertising, and in an increasingly online world, you might be surprised to learn that it’s more popular than ever. A branded poster on a busy high street, or in a shopping centre can reach thousands of people every day and effectively communicate your message with each and every one of them, as well as being extremely cost-effective.

Of course, it’s not as simple as just making a poster and putting it out there. Like with all things in business, you need to stand out from the crowd so we’ve put together some tips on how you can maximise your poster advertising reach.

Strategic placement

Knowing your demographic is key for any brand’s success, so knowing where you can place your posters so that they reach as many of them as possible can go a long way. A brilliant, vibrant design put in the right place can ensure that you reach as many of the people that your brand is catered for.

Keep it simple

When it comes to the design process of your poster, it can be easy to get carried away. With all the competition out there, you want to stand out but this is where the classic statement of ‘less is more’ can work to do just that. A simple design means that your poster communicates your brand more efficiently as it’s to the point and takes less time to absorb.

Going digital

Today’s technology allows many great things, and one of those is digital posters. These are moving posters which can offer you more options in terms of how you want to get your message across. It also means they can be more interactive and they are reusable, and therefore better on the environment.

Large Format

In today’s world, people are all looking for bigger and better! So why stop at A4 or A3 size posters? Why not really grab attention and go large? Talk to us today about A2, A1 and A0 posters. Not all posters have to be paper either. Many people are opting for more durable materials such as Corriboards for outdoor use and Foamboards for indoor use.

Here in printing.com Athlone we have the expertise to help you choose the best option for your
poster to get your brand out there.