Corporate gifting is a great way to build your brand while establishing a reputation as a business who cares. With the right strategy, you can show appreciation to both clients and employees. But where to begin?


Why should you use corporate gifting?

Win new business

Giving gifts at exhibitions and during first meetings will raise awareness of who your company is and make you instantly memorable for all the right reasons. The gesture of gifting will demonstrate what you’re like to do business with – and if it features your branding in any way, it’ll have the added benefit of making your name travel further.

Build relationships with existing clients

Even when a prospect has already become a client, you should keep building the relationship and show how much you appreciate their business to secure client retention. Now you know more about them, you may have more ideas about how you can personalise the gift. The more thoughtful the better – you want to make working with you a positive experience.

Thank your employees

Whether you’re celebrating your team’s personal milestones or big dates in your business calendar, it’s always said better with a gift. It could be a hamper for a growing family, an annual birthday present or memorabilia for a company anniversary. All will go a long way in making them feel valued, so they’re motivated to work at their best.


How to use corporate gifting?

Create a strategy

First, you’ll need to establish your budget per gift. Then you need to think about the type of gift you’d like to send. Always make this decision with the recipient in mind, and question whether there’s a way to align them with your company values. And finally, choose the best time to send the gift. If you’re gifting at an event or exhibition, give yourself plenty of time to order your branded gifts ahead of schedule.

We recommend working with a gifting partner like Athlone Printing to implement a carefully considered strategy informed by what really works for businesses like yours.


Best corporate gifts


You never know when a personalised pen or notepad might be used – and each time it comes out, your brand will be back in their hands. This is a particularly useful gift at an exhibition or trade show. If it’s a wedding event, for example, the bride and groom will have lots of planning to do. It could be your stationary that pens the plans for their big day!

Tote bag

Another brilliant option for events! As prospective customers collect flyers and products from other stalls, your name will stand front and centre. You’ll establish yourself as a key brand at the event, and no doubt stay in their memory long after.


Want to choose something a bit different? Gifts such as Bluetooth speakers, power banks and chargers are all incredibly useful, and that extra investment is sure to set you apart from the competition.


Athlone Printing

At Athlone Printing, we have a catalogue of over 1,000 different products for you to choose from, with endless possibilities for customisation – so the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating the perfect strategy for your brand.

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