As the popularity of online shopping continues to rise, physical stores are finding it harder and harder to entice people into their shops. Large format printing, however, can be a great tool for encouraging footfall and increasing your sales, here’s how…

1. Raise awareness for your promotions

If you have a great offer or seasonal promotion, you need to advertise it as effectively as possible. With large poster printing services, you can create and distribute posters in multiple hotspot locations, such as bus stops and outside busy areas of your town/city to ensure the general public is aware of your promotion.

2. Start a secretive campaign

Creating posters, flyers and banners with cryptic messages that lead to your store will help build mystery and intrigue surrounding your brand. For example, a black banner with a message such as ‘Something big is coming.’ followed by the location of your store and a specific date will raise excitement and people will flock to your store to find out what the special promotion is.

3. Build your branding

Creating posters, banners and other products that all share the same message and follow a similar aesthetic can help build and solidify your company branding. Branding has grown from simply the logo and colour scheme of our company to how customers think and feel about your brand. As a growing business, it is important your customers have a clear image they associate with your company and branded print materials can help you create this image.

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