If you are new to photography or have yet to print your own photographs before, have no fear. Enlarging your photos is a very common practice, and we are here to help you do it right.

Graphic Design Tools

You will need access to Adobe Photoshop for the method discussed in this article. There are other graphic design tools available that will allow you to enlarge your photographs as well, but we are only explaining the steps for Photoshop here today.

How to Enlarge a Photo for Printing

The tool you will be looking for today is simply named, “Image Size”.

You will be able to find it by going to the Image menu on the top of your screen and selecting the words “image size”.

The initial width and height that populate into the form represent the size of the image you have currently loaded into Photoshop.

From here, you can adjust the width and height. They should change automatically if the proportions are constrained. If they are not, there should be a tick box closeby that will allow you to fix this.

Viewing The Image

Before you head off to print, it is important to take a close look at your image and make sure there is not too much pixelation when you zoom in. Make sure you zoom into the same amount percentage as you will be printing the photo at.

A Rule Of Thumb

If you are trying to decide how large your photo can be printed, there is a simple rule that most photographers follow. Simply divide the width of the image in pixels by 300 to get the highest quality print size in inches.

What is Large Format Printing?

Large format printing includes things such as promotional signs, maps and diagrams.

This term generally refers to anything that can not be printed on a standard printer. If you are looking for printing, web design or printing and binding then you are in luck.

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