In an increasingly digital marketing age, having an informative and engaging website is so important in gaining new customers. Although designing a website may seem like a daunting process there are ways to make web design simple and easy. Whether you are an events planner or another small business a new website can be a great way to reach new people with your services or products, read this article by the telegraph for more information.

First stages of designing a website

When designing a website there are a few factors to consider before starting your web design process. A well-designed website can increase your knowledge of your business and encourage potential clients to get in touch with you. Some important aspects to consider are:

  • Domain name
  • Website style
  • Key features – e.g. the ability to sell products online
  • Key information

For more information, take a look at Forbes’ article on the key steps to building a website.

Different ways of designing a website

Generally, when businesses are designing a website there are two different methods they choose from. The first is to design their website themselves, either using a website builder or by coding themselves. Although this can save some money, the process is time-consuming and does generally require skills in computing or graphic design.

The other method is to use a company that will design and create your website for you. This is an easier method and one which can save time. These websites will be designed to a high standard and with a consultation with you about the style and substance of your website.

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