With lockdown restrictions easing in Ireland and around the world, businesses are finally beginning to re-open their doors to the public. However, this doesn’t mean that the risk of coronavirus has simply gone away. With few strict rules for specific business sectors, the onus is on companies to take their own safety precautions to keep their employees and customers as safe as possible.

Planning is key, as whatever your business, it is likely that you’ll need to implement some practical devices for public health.

1. Sneeze Guards

If you have a customer facing business with people in and out of your doors every few minutes, apart from having a maximum capacity to limit the number of customers in store, installing sneeze guards adds an extra precautionary layer of protection for customers and staff. Whether you want standard sneeze guards at your checkouts, premium sneeze guards for your reception or counter-top, roll-up screen guards as barriers throughout your shop floor, or even mighty guards for communal areas, Athlone Printing can tend to your specific business needs.

2. Signage

You’re probably thinking carefully about your office or shop space and how it is best organised to adhere to social distancing measures. Implementing instructive signs and strut cards to signal a one-way system, to tell people they need to use a check-in service, or to remind them to sanitise their hands is crucial at a time where you can’t just walk up to a colleague or customer to remind them. Keep things clear and simple!

3. Social Distancing Floor Stickers

If you’ve been into any public premises during Covid-19 you will have seen floor stickers to help people adhere to the two-metre distancing rule, and for good reason! These stickers are cheap and easy to implement, and applicable to any business where people are circulating and prone to coming into contact with one another.

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