Your thesis is likely to be one of the most important documents you ever produce. You’ve diligently researched, written and edited your thesis and it deserves to be printed and bound in a manner that reflects the time spent creating the content within it.

When choosing a printing and binding service it is important to consider that many colleges and universities have specific thesis book binding requirements. Ensure you choose an established book binder who can comply with the college’s specifications and deliver a high-quality finished publication that will create the correct impression.

There are four different student book binding styles commonly available, so you can select the finish that is most appropriate for your publication.

Hard Bound

A hard bound book offers a rigid and high quality finish to your dissertation. A choice of black, blue, red or green simulated leather covers provides both style and protection for your important document. The look is completed with gold or silver foil block printing to the cover and spine.

Soft Bound

Soft binding utilises a flexible book cover and involves the dissertation pages being glued to a rigid black spine. A clear acetate front and back cover offers protection and completes the look.

Wire Bound

Wire bound books are another type of soft binding. The dissertation pages are stacked together and hole-punched, before a metal wire coil is inserted through the holes to bind the pages together. An advantage of a wire bound book is that the document will open fully flat making it easier to read. It is finished with a clear acetate front cover and a coloured card back cover.

Comb Bound

The comb bound thesis binding method uses a black plastic spine with rings to bind the pages together. As with the wire bound method, the pages are punched down the left hand side and the rings on the spine open and insert into the punched holes. It is also finished with a clear acetate front cover and a coloured card back cover.

With twenty years’ experience in thesis binding, Athlone Printing understands how vital it is to get your thesis or dissertation printed and bound professionally. Speak to our team to find out more about our thesis book binding service.