There’s much more to promotional products than the humble branded pen. From corporate gifts to customer freebies, there are many ways that promotional products can boost your marketing strategy. You can grow your brand, increase your outreach, save money on advertising, and more. What’s more, it’s simple to get your own branded products with a good full marketing service like the one we provide.

Here are six ways promotional products can help.

Grow your brand recognition

Chances are, you’ve put a lot of work into your graphic design and branding. After picking out the perfect logo and choosing the best colours, you’re going to want to put your work to good use. Branded products are the ideal way to get your unique design out there into the world. Offline and online brand is king, so if in doubt the golden rule is brand everything. 

Not only do promotional products get your message across, but they also promote a cohesive and professional image for your business. Recognition is everything — it builds up a reputation for your brand and establishes it as trustworthy. 

Limitless options

No matter your needs, the amount of options for promotional products means that you can always find something to suit your business, budget, or occasion.

Whether you’re looking for flags or backdrops to stand out at an exhibition or nifty stationery to hand out as a free gift, you’re certain to find something that can help. And those are just the traditional products — nowadays, you can get almost anything printed on, even technological products like headphones and power banks. Take a peek at our range to see the sheer amount of variety of promotional products you can get!

Help potential clients remember you

We help lots of customers understand, navigate and succeed in the digital marketing world, but you can’t underestimate the power of a real, tangible product. If a promotional product is useful to your potential clients, they will keep it and use it regularly. That’s your brand’s name, website address, or more, making an impression on a customer every time they use an item.

Even some time after they’ve received the gift, a reliable branded bag or umbrella can remind potential clients about your business. And that’s the beauty of a physical gift — it can’t be easily forgotten about and discarded like a marketing email.

Make a good first impression

Aside from a really nice chocolate cake, there’s nothing we humans like more than a free gift, and you can’t give out chocolate cake every time. Especially if the product is useful, a free gift will be much appreciated. Your first impression on a potential client will be a lasting one, so a free gift is a great way to start off what could grow into a productive relationship.

Incentivise increased spend

“Buy one get one free”, “spend 20 for a free gift”, “buy this product now and get a free item”… whatever the product is, everybody loves a good deal. Especially when you get something for free. Adding a free gift to the deal helps increase sales on a product by making it more desirable.

Save money

Believe it or not, promotional products are cost-effective in comparison to alternatives like radio advertising, especially when it comes to cheaper products. More importantly, they also have a good return on investment, with promotional products offering more impressions compared to the initial cost compared to other forms of advertising.

Personalised products with Athlone

If you’re looking for custom-printed promotional products, Printing.com & Nettl Athlone is here to help you push your marketing to new heights. With a wide range of products to suit any need and a handy stock checker to make it simple to see what’s available, it’s quick and easy to find what you’re searching for. Our dedicated team has strong graphic design skills to support you with all your printing and binding needs.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us — we’d love to help with your project!