If you are planning to put on an event, letting the public know about it is key. This will help it to be successful and make sure that people actually come along to it. After all, you could have the best exhibition in the world happening but it counts for nothing if no-one knows about it! Posters are one of the best ways to let large numbers of people know about your event and drum up some interest in it.

But what are the best tips on creating ones that hit home?

Size matters!

The whole point of printing off posters and displaying them is so people will see them. This will not happen if you use posters which are too small. Naturally, the size of a poster should fit where it will be placed. For posters which will be displayed on building exteriors, billboards or in large internal spaces though, bigger is better. Large poster printing will make sure people see them, can read the details on them and will remember them.

Make it eye-catching and engaging

As well as considering the size of any poster, you should also consider its design carefully. You need one that is suitable for your event and tells people instantly the relevant information. How you use colour is also very important as this helps to catch people’s attention but also set the right tone. A poster which stands out and connects with people will help your event gain maximum publicity.

Make sure the key details are shown

Posters are normally used to advertise an event which is coming up or happening that day. One really important thing with this in mind is to make sure all the vital details are included on it. While you do not want to overcrowd your poster, you do need to have everything on there you should. Missing off things like the date or where the event is being held is not a good idea. Large format printing can ensure there is plenty of space to add all the information you need.

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